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It's Not a Mystery; it's Massage!

What to expect within and about your massage:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment to review the Policies and Procedures form as well as your Health History packet with your therapist and ask your questions.

  • Fill out your Health History form thoroughly and honestly. Massage affects systemic changes in the body and the brain, modifications can be made to work around injuries, medications and conditions and are imperative to be aware of.

  • Your genetalia and breasts are NEVER exposed. Regarding your glutes, bodywork can be done over the drape OR directly on your glutes per your comfortability (super awesome, beneficial work as it’s the center of your being)

  • Table and surfaces are always cleaned between clients, new drapes are set for each person.

  • Freshen up with soap and water.

  • Eat a light meal before arriving.

  • Drink water before arriving.

  • Bathroom before arriving.

  • Wear comfortable, easy-changing clothes and shoes. You only need to undress to your comfortability. Your clothes will be covered by the drape and we will work over them.

  • Wear minimal make up, jewelry, and up-do.

  • Warm up your voice to communicate your needs by reciting a few affirmations in the mirror. Try: “I matter. My needs matter. I take good care of myself. I speak for my body’s wellbeing.”

  • Do a body scan to know what needs to be worked and where making massage an intentional, beneficial experience.

  • You’ll lie face down on a table between cotton drapes, with your face in a cradle and your body covered with a blanket.

  • Your therapist will check in with you throughout your session, asking, “how are you doing?” “Is the pressure ok?” or “how’s that feel for you?” etc.  These check-ins keep you from fully falling asleep and confirming the work is what you are needing and wanting.

  • You’ll usually turn on the table, under the drape, from face down to face up about half-way through your session. Modifications can be made if this would not be comfortable.

  • Your therapist may use a bit of lotion to create glide. If allergies are a concern, you may bring your own favorite lotion or crème.

  • You should NEVER experience proper pain in a massage. The idiom, “no pain no gain” can truly injure you. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience.

Remember: Self Care is Healthcare!

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