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Why Should I Receive Massage?

According to Associated Bodywork and Massage Practitioners,

“Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related.”


As a licensed massage therapist, I offer holistic body massage,

an alternative medicine with benefits including:

Decreased anxiety

Enhanced sleep quality

Greater energy

Improved concentration

Increased circulation

Reduced fatigue

Alleviated pain

Improved range of motion


The Sage Ways Difference:

Deep Swedish Massage

 Long flowing strokes with lotion towards the heart will find and release systemic tension.
This modality calls upon deep tissue and myofascial release techniques to provide a deeply relaxing, pain-relieving experience. 

Grief Massage

Experiencing any sort of loss or life change can stress and depress the body's functionality, the emotion's elasticity, and the spirit's buoyancy. Using Deep Swedish massage techniques, with a focus on cardiac massage, lymphatic drainage, and breathwork, this type of massage supports the mind/ body/spirit connection while it is processing trauma. This work is completely individual to every body and a thorough interview is encouraged to understand the intricacies of the individual grief.

Palliative Massage

Aging and dying can be an uncomfortable process as individual control over the body and mind are slowly taken away. Palliative massage focusses on the therapist-client relationship of trust and comforting presence. This work is incredibly light and gentle, applying lotion to the skin, holding and supporting body parts, bringing warmth and awareness to body parts, and being vigilant of the individual's personal health conditions, pain levels, and current consciousness.   This work is completely individual to every body and a thorough interview is encouraged to understand the intricacies of the personal circumstances.

Trauma Touch Therapy TM

Neither a massage nor talk-therapy, this is an advanced bodywork modality designed to meet the needs of those with histories of trauma. This is a body-based, integrative approach to healing trauma; utilizing the wisdom of the body, social engagement, curiosity, and self-empowerment. This innovative work enables you to discover the gift within the wound. It is a collaborative approach to healing trauma and each session is as unique as an individual’s set of personal circumstances.

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