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About Me

Originally from Colorado, I am Charis Christopher-Cervantes, your Sage Ways massage therapist.


I earned my Massage Therapist license in 2022 through Colorado School of Healing Arts having completed over 700  hands-on hours of bodywork.


I am certified in Palliative Massage, Aromatherapy, and Crystal Healing.


I am actively becoming a Death Doula, a midwife for the end of life; supporting families, caregivers, and all those who will eventually experience death through an externship in Trauma Touch Therapy, personal faith studies, and memento mori philosophies.

My name is my banner.

"Charis" means "grace, kindness, and life".
"Christopher" is the saint of wayfarers and travelers.
"Cervantes" is Spanish for "servant".
I draw from the depth of my namesakes; I am a travelling servant of good-will and loving-kindness. 
The knowledgeable, healing touch I offer aims to grow your inner harmony through authentic compassion.

My purpose is to witness and acknowledge the ephemeral nature of life in people, by experiencing imperfection, emotion, and the capacity to learn and live compassionately. 

My mission is to provide and encourage a grounded, self-compassionate state of being through Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial massage.

My vision is to empower individuals, families and communities to experience the present moment by assisting relaxation and restoring perspective to individual life experiences through consistent healthy touch, education, and advocacy opportunities.  


1. The intrinsic worth of an individual.
Listening carefully, assisting exploration, identification, and discussion of each individual's emotional and spiritual ne

2. The power of the present Now. 
Without attachment to outcome or judgment, I am committed to being fully present in sorrow and joy.

3. Community stewardship.
Working together in good faith and goodwill for the betterment of the near and far future.

4. Responsibility: Environmentally. Socially. Fiscally.
I am bound by honesty, respect, and accuracy.

5. Doing more with less.
Without fixing, saving, advising, or correcting I am committed to bringing compassion and honor to every interaction.

6. Cherish betterment and life-learning.
While easing suffering and providing companionship, there is opportunity to radically engage in life acceptance.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Colorado School of Healing Arts

Completed 720 hours learning Swedish, Advanced Light Swedish, Neuromuscular, and Sports bodywork in conjunction with Anatomy and Physiology, Body Centered Therapy, and Aromatherapy. 


Bachelors of Fine Arts
Colorado State University

Majored in Jewelry and metalsmithing, exploring the philosophical wonder of the ephemeral and the weight of Experience, capturing a visage of curling smoke in hammer-sculpted metals.


Accreditted Jewelry Professional Gemological Institute of America

Gained the understanding of Earth's patience, power, and perfect imperfection through the study of gem genisus. 

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